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Earn a Reading Specialist Certification Online

16 December 2009 1,844 views One Comment

Reading SpecialistReading specialists are playing important roles both in elementary and secondary classrooms for many reasons. For example, children coming into our schools often have very poor preparation for learning to become proficient readers. If they come from families where reading is not a priority, they will need to gain that motivation and orientation in the classroom. In all too many cases, they are coming from families where illiteracy is common. In large families, some of the children will fall through the crack when it comes to orientation to printed material.

In addition, in some families, television takes the place of reading. The emergence of texting is interfering with children’s customary orientation to a standard printed page and they may veer further and further from it. Making certain that these student finish their primary and secondary education with a grasp of the skills needed for reading anything—from printed directions to a book—is becoming more and more difficult. Many schools are adding reading specialists to their faculties to help them deal with these problems.

There are many opportunities for reading specialists. If you have this certification, you are almost assured of a job. However, quitting your job and going back to school may very well be out of the range of possibility. You can give up your valuable summers and go back to the university during your break, but a year of dealing with the pressures of teaching without that summer break tends to take the edge off of your teaching.

There’s a solution whereby you can get that certification at your own pace and without leaving the comfort of your own home—continuing education online! For information about online education programs, Edvisors.com is very helpful.

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