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The Value of an Online Commute

15 December 2010 145 views 2 Comments

Why can’t a mom working full time in Georgia get her masters from Boston University?  It is most likely because it is too far to travel to, impossible to relocate and pay for school, on top of the obstacles already in place, such as time, child care and availability of a quality program.  This list could go on.  It is hard to add up the exact value, but imagine the savings if you were not filling a $40+ tank of gas, paying a babysitter $5-$12/hr plus an additional $1 per child for class time and commute, cost of parking if any and dinner on the road on top of paying tuition.

In today’s world you cannot afford to settle on education and cannot fathom how to afford an education.  Online degree programs have opened the gate for those looking for an affordable opportunity to advance.  The only problem I see is that too many are hesitant to believe in the value of an online degree.

Here is a quick description of one of Boston University’s 13 fully-online master’s degree programs (they even offer a doctorate degree online, click here read more about BU’s degrees online):

“Boston University’s Master of Science in International Marketing Management (MSIMM) online program allows you to expand your marketing skills with a true international perspective and solid management core. This program is similar to an international exchange program; it gives you the opportunity to take courses directly from our partnering universities located around the world.”

“You will participate in state of the art classes ranging from e-commerce and web design to database analysis, advertising and marketing research. You will graduate with a solid professional background in international marketing management and the skills and abilities essential to be successful in today’s competitive management environment. Our unique online learning platform provides a dynamic, interactive master’s program consisting of 12 seven-week courses that can be completed in 24 months. Boston University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., one of six nationally recognized accrediting agencies”

In a connected world there is more opportunity than ever to study where and when you want and the added value of connecting across cultural boundaries.  Individuals need to be aware of the opportunities they have online, and the value they hold. Most are aware that in today’s world it is easier than ever to chat with someone half-way across the world on Facebook, but when it comes to education traditional colleges still take the cake.

Facebook connections colour-coded lines according to weight across the world.

The Internet has markedly affected culture and ideas in a way we haven’t seen since the railroads were built, or planes were invented.  I only see the value as increasing as more people participate and feel that will happen as more people become aware of the benefits that go beyond (but also include) going to class in your PJ’s.

Besides the dollar and cultural values mentioned, there is value in showing you can take advantage of the times, and can make smart decisions about your life regarding education, time and money.  Choosing not to burden yourself with the expenses of travel, parking, daycare, rent, room and board and other costs in addition to cutting commute time and commitment to a certain time or place will reflect positively on you.

Learn about the online programs at Boston University, explore what online schools are offering degrees in your major, search for degree and subject on Edvisors.com and you will be surprised at the quality programs that well known colleges such Boston University, Northeastern University, and George Washington University are offering in today’s world of online learning and connectivity.

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2 Responses to “The Value of an Online Commute”

  1. direct loans consolidation says on March 4, 2011 at 2:21 am:

    mobile is human natural instinct.. in my opinion, internet wont stop the mobility of human. it only ease us in doing anything. somehow, it is pretty fun doing everything only in seconds.

  2. Speech Writing says on December 23, 2010 at 1:46 am:

    There are many thing in this world which has got change and it got change because of the improve era that we are living and the future we are going to the Online system is also a part of it and it is some thing that our future based on.

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